Bespoke Solutions for your Entrance

Bespoke Solutions for your Entrance

Bespoke Large Waxed Monks Bench

Your entrance is the first thing guests see went entering your home, make it yours with stylish furniture and accessories 

Entrance Storage Solutions

Finding the correct storage for your entrance/hallway can be difficult, and shouldn’t compromise the look.

The main entrance plays a vital role in giving off the right impression to guests. This is the first room they will see upon arrival and the looks shouldn’t be compromised.

The main entrance needs to have clever storage for small spaces that help you declutter and create more space.


Take a seat on our Monks Benches with built-in storage

Our stylish Monks Benches can have storage cupboards with lift up seats to store all the loose footwear. Our Bespoke Monks Benches are built to your sizes; therefore, they won’t take up too much floor space.

Doubling up as both a seat for taking your shoes off or putting on.

A monk’s bench can have open pigeon holes in the front for shoe storage, which means that you can quickly grab a pair of shoes from the pigeon hole on your way out or, have doors on to hide the shoes with shelves inside or, just a lift up seat.


Wall mirrors are an excellent narrow hallway storage solution as they can create an illusion of space and make the smallest spaces feel more open. A lot of entrance/hallways struggle from a lack of light without windows and wall mirrors help to capture any light and reflect it back into the room, enhancing the light of the whole space.
Entrance/hallways are a great spot to place a wall mirror, so you can have a last minute check you’re looking your best quickly on your way out.

For extra storage, look at adding a shelf just underneath a wall mirror or choose a wall mirror fitted with a shelf.


Jackets/Coats, Hooks & Racks

Tired of coming home and seeing all the coats/jackets thrown over the banister or back of doors. Keys thrown on worktops then try a few of the following to declutter…

Coats are something we need easy access to when leaving. Coat hooks are also an essential.

Use a coat hook rack that can be mounted and attached to your entrance/hallway wall. This will allow you to maximise the storage opportunities in your entrance/hallway by taking up wall space as opposed to floor space/banister/door or a coat stand. A traditional coat/hat stand would take up more floor space. Hanging up coats also keeps your coats and jackets in good condition as it allows them to breathe.

Coat hooks are also a perfect place to hang dog leads or scarves too. You can also get coat hook racks in different sizes, and styles.

For extra storage, pick out a coat hook rack with a shelf on top or even a mirror. The shelf above the coat hooks is ideal to put keys and letters, but you can also dress up your coat hook and entrance/hallway by adding plants onto the shelf.

Be creative with your entrance/hallway. Don’t want to sacrifice style and art. Choose coat hooks/hangers that double up as art and arrange them in an interesting layout and pattern.

Narrow Hallway Storage

When looking for narrow hallway storage ideas, try the trusty console table.

If space is tight, console tables offer a very of practical and attractive solutions. Console tables take up little floor space.

Console tables often come with a table on top, for items you need quickly or to be pleasing on arrival with beautiful plants/candles

You can have drawers for additional storage and a bottom compartment, either it be a shelf or cupboard. These can be ideal for bags, books, umbrellas and more. All out of site.

Why not try adding wicker baskets for that extra storage solution.