Make a Dark Room Look Lighter & Brighter


Make it yours with stylish furniture and accessories 


Whether you have small windows or no windows, or something obstructing your sunlight. Dark rooms can darken your mood.

Try to make a dark room brighter by using furniture/mirros/paint & more....


Don't cram too much in, space is important.

Large rooms are often brighter/lighter and small rooms are naturally darker.

Light needs to move through the room, so don't cram a lot of furniture/soft furnishings in, as this can make if feel/look cluttered. Try and keep the rooms as minimal as possible. This also applies to the size of furniture you add into the room as well


Try using mirrors to create more light

Making a dark room lighter is all about controlling the way light interacts with space. The key is to increase the amount of light reflecting through the room.

Example - lighter paint reflects more light.

Mirrors are the ultimate way to increase the light.

In order for the mirros to create more light, you need to place them in the best positions so that they can reflect as much light into the room as possible. Try opposite and next to the window. This allows the light to enter and bounce from multiple positions around the room. A room should feel/look alot brighter.


Mirrored Furniture

It's not just the wall mirros that can make a dark room lighter. Mirrored furniture is becoming increasingly popular for brightening up a dark room because it increases the amount of light being reflected around the space.


When natural light is limited, opt for lighting options that mimic as much light as possible.

White light is bright, daytime sunshine, whilst yellow/warm light will make a room feel cosier and darker.

Try using white light over yellow to create a lighter room. Alternatively, select primarily white lights with a couple of yellow lamp lights to create ambience.

Place lights so even the darkest areas of the room can be lit up and ensure that the places where natural light can't reach have lamps or ceiling lights.


Choose a lighter colour scheme


A dark room won't benefit from dark colours. When you're chosing your colour scheme, consider lighter colours like whites, creams or pastels.

Dark colours are oftern used to make a room look cosier. However, they are best suited to bigger rooms that have alot of natural light.While they can help to create a cosy atmosphere, they are harder to get right and can end up making a room feel dark.

Light colours reflect the light and will help a room to seem/feel brigther even if the natural light is a minimal. Finish with soft furnishing and cushions.


A dark coloured sofa can look fantastic with light coloured cushions. This not only helps a dark room look lighter but can create a beautiful high contrast.


Painting furniture in lighter shades

Wood furniture can be painted in lighter shades. This not only helps add brightness to your room but can improve old furniture, giving it a new lease of life.

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