Recycling/Upcycling Old Furniture

Tired dated furniture.... Look no further.

We have skilled sprayers that can upcycle your old furniture

Give your tired or dated furniture a new lease of life with our Furniture Respraying Service.

Our furniture restoration service can help you to create modern-looking furniture that complements your home, giving your furniture a completely bespoke look without the cost of buying new furniture.

Dresser before respray
Dresser after respray & waxed with new glass

Perfect way to revamp a room in a relatively cheap way.

Upcycling furniture extends the life of something that you haven't used for a while or a family heirloom that you want to keep or it no longer fits with your décor

Furniture spray painting offers a superior quality finish


These days, many brands and designers are making very cool stuff from old stuff. Plenty of items that were once making their way to landfill have been reclaimed by some very creative people.

Childs Chair before
Childs chair after respray by Rural Interiors in Denby Dale, Huddersfield

Our furniture restorers can spray paint just about any piece of furniture transforming it from a dated piece ready to take to the charity shop to a beautiful centrepiece of your home. Choose from thousands of colours to get the bespoke look your home deserves.

Benefits of Upcycling your Furniture

  • Save from landfill
  • Reduce what goes into our landfills
  • We’ve become so used to things being mass manufactured and made in a heartbeat that we buy things as quickly as we throw things away.
  • Be kind to the environment and upcycle your old furniture into beautiful new pieces with a much lower carbon footprint